Saint Paul

Saint Paul Speaks!

From Our Senior Pastor:

“Saint Paul Speaks is a wonderful ministry. I have known Philip Smith and his precious wife, Jolene, for over four years. We have been blessed to have him at Andice Baptist Church, serving in our VBS, at our Association meetings, and to know that he has performed around the nation, sharing God’s love.
“If you would like to hear St. Paul speak in your church or event, I urge you to click the button below and visit his site and set up a date. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!
“Christ’s Servant,
“Derrick Norris, Senior Pastor, Andice Baptist Church”
From the StPaulSpeaks website:
“Since 2010, our ministry, St. Paul Speaks Performance Scriptures, has brought the writings of the Apostle Paul to life through dramatic performance. We are greatly blessed to have the opportunity to use our Spirit given talents to glorify the Father.
“Philip [Smith] is an accomplished actor with over 30 years experience and [his wife] Jolene serves as his director.
“St. Paul Speaks offers a personal encounter with the Apostle Paul that enhances the viewers’ understanding of the life changing nature of the Word of God. The Gospel is ever new, ever speaking and ever living. Our hearts’ desire is to demonstrate this Truth to as many people as possible for as long as we are able.”