Worship…the word far too often loses its biblical meaning among some today.
Worship is not a style of music, though music can be used to worship. (Psalm 150)
Worship is not to be aimed at any other thing or person than Christ. (Matthew 4:10)
Worship is not confined to Sunday, but it is a lifestyle. (Romans 12:1)
Worship is our whole being affirming the truth about God. (John 4:24)
The Bible is rich with timeless principles of how we are to be continual worshipers of God. It is our hope and prayer that living in this Truth throughout the week will only enhance our Sunday gatherings with our brothers and sisters in Christ. Because we strive to be Bible-centered at Andice Baptist Church, Scriptures that deal with how churches ought to worship are at the forefront of our minds to help in guiding our participation and planning.
The Apostle Paul dealt with many issues regarding what overarching principles should guide the worshiping church in 1 Corinthians 11-14. We hope to be found faithful in heeding these ideas within our own context in Andice, Texas.
1). We hope to glorify and exalt Christ in our worship.
2). We hope to build up and edify other believers in worship.
3). We hope our services will consist of clarity, order, and purpose.
Sometimes when one asks, “What style of worship service do you have?” They may be really inquiring about what types of songs we sing, or how gifted our vocalists and musicians are. While all those involved who use their talents in this capacity strive for excellence, our main focus is to transfer all of the biblical principles above into we what we say, sing, read and hear during our gatherings.
While everyone has some preference to particular styles of music, one will find ancient hymns to modern choruses being sung at Andice on Sunday mornings. The common denominator for songs and readings selected is that they tell the truth. They tell the truth about Christ, and they tell the truth about us as we encounter the Savior. When this is done properly, we believe that the worship ministry can only compliment the overarching mission and vision of Andice Baptist Church.
Please know that there is always a place for you within this local, multi-generational community of Christ-followers. God knew what would be best for us when He called us to experience worshiping together as the body of Christ. Preaching from the Word of God and Christ-exalting songs can be heard through ear-buds connected to an iPod. This in itself is all fine. But there is no substitute for the depth and meaning one encounters when standing among those struggling through life and seasoned saints, as they sing praises, cast prayers upon God, listen to the Scriptures and serve together.